20 x 40 mm

32 x 64 mm





Titchaino with a switch

1. Switch circuit

2. Connect point

3. Cut leads of switch

5. Wiring switch to connect point

4. Stick switch with double-sided tape


20 x 40 mm

Titchaino Ver2

Renewal the Titchaino with additional switches.


Display message !

Change your own message, and switch a message.

Titchaino  ( Dominoduino )

Message board

20 x 40 mm

Titchaino Ver2.3


Any direction will be OK.

Using micro USB PCB, become to be possible to supply power from USB.

Added an expansion connector. ( digital input, digital output, analog input or I2C )

Titchaino Ver2.7

Library and sample sketches.

Titchaino uni


United with a button cell.


 “ Titchaino ” is the kit of display module using two 20mm square 8x8 dot matrix LEDs.

 “ Titchaino uni ” is united with a button cell.

    Since it has already programed sample sketch, all you have to do is to solder parts, you will enjoy space invaders or heart pattern. 

    And this is compatible with Arduino, so you can change your original program using Arduino IDE easily.


 MPU : ATmega328P

 Battery : 3V CR2032

 Clock : 8MHz ceramics resonator

    Boards :  Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V 8MHz)/w ATMega328

 LED drive method : Charlieplexing

                                    dynamic display

libraries & samples

Library and sample sketches.

Library and sample sketches.